MISSOM® DRUMSTICKS: Three musicians explains why

Paulo Bandeira, Pedro Carneiro and André Hollanda not only have in common the connection to the music. They are three of the musicians who are already part of the list of those who developed drumsticks MSSOM ®. Meet the opinions of each of the musicians on the models developed in conjunction with MISSOM ®, covering areas as diverse as jazz, rock and classical music.

Paulo Bandeira – Jazz Drummer


The jazz musician, Paulo Bandeira, developed a model of drumsticks baptized with his own name, who conceived along with Miguel Ralha.

The Drumsticks Paulo Bandeira are made with wood rosewood and have replaced the American model used in years by the musician, who met the craftsman through a mutual friend. Combining curiosity about the work of Miguel Ralha with MISSOM ® has joined the call to work together and the result is obvious: a model of drumsticks that came to meet his needs while performing.

Classically trained, but switched to jazz for several years, Paulo Bandeira always played with an American model who was changed by itself before being used. “The drumsticks I used were the ones that came closest to my natural sensibility, but I always went back to them to change the tips, scraping with a knife,” he recalls. It was precisely from these changes that the study of his own model began to be worked and with whom he has played in the last seven months. For Paulo Bandeira, the appearance of drumsticks MISSOM ® represents “have access to a national product that turns out to be cheaper compared to those who arrive in the United States or Germany, but due to its quality it is of better level of any brand that is the market. ” Paulo Bandeira divides his time between his trio and jazz quartet.

Pedro Carneiro – Classical Percussionist


Pedro Carneiro is currently the Portuguese interpreter with greater international projection and a rare percussion instrumentalists to devote himself entirely to a solo career. It was through the composer Luis Tinoco that Pedro Carneiro take notice of the work of Miguel Ralha. The meeting between them brought the development of his own model of drumsticks. A pair of drumsticks designed in Ipe which by the way was hewn allowed, “projecting the sound of the box with the precision that is essential, making it also the timbre richer,” he explains.

The strong connection of Miguel Ralha to music is, according to Pedro Carneiro, one of the advantages that the craftsman has over other builders. “The passion he has for his work and the desire to make tools with the musicians to express themselves freely, makes Miguel Ralha MISSOM ® and an real ally,” concludes the musician, that already with only 30 years had played in debut absolute more than 70 works.

André Hollanda – Rock Drummer

André Hollanda 3

André Hollanda is nowadays the drummer of the solo artist Jorge Palma, but is a drummer more focused on rock and also developed a model of drumsticks with MISSOM ®.

Confesses that he never imagined that one day he could come to work with someone to have their own model of drumsticks tailored to his specific needs. For André Hollanda, it is a “pioneering initiative, not only because we are talking about a Portuguese craftsman, but because his work has developed among local musicians.”

Adding that, “also reached the height of Portugal gain visibility in this aspect.” Currently playing alongside Jorge Palma, André Hollanda was a member of the rock band named Zen and, in parallel, has been developing other projects.

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