From the prototype to the final Drumstick


The design of a model of drumsticks does not always translate into a peaceful process. For Miguel Ralha can develop a prototype with a musician that means working manually 10/12 pairs of “wooden chopsticks”, each of which can take five / six hours to get ready. For the craftsman, the stop only happens when the musician says: “This is what I want.”

And if Miguel Ralha had initially thought just making prototypes which wore then reproduced by another craftsman, the truth is that this demand has become fruitless, and the lack of rigor has been a major obstacle to overcome this idea.

Miguel Ralha states that the complicity and friendships that are created with the musicians and the fact that they are monitoring the entire creation process makes his work far more interesting. Incidentally, confesses that his greatest pleasure is to see the musicians perform their art with a pair of drumsticks Made in MISSOM®.

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