Instruments designed to detail

Missom-repor (18)

Quality, innovation and ability to meet the demands of each musician are the watchwords that Miguel Ralha imposes on his work in MISSOM®, where the models are designed to the last detail, since they have a specificity that can go to the tenth millimeter.

Contrary to what one might think, the drumsticks also have sound and it is on the cymbals where it usually becames more complex. The rigor that involves each creation associated with the precision that some musicians impose on their art and how to perform leave no space for errors.

Since the beginning of the brand MISSOM® the challenge was high and, therefore, “it is essential that we have always this strict quality control so that we can ensure that the final product is impeccable,” said the artisan, noting that “we are not creating the gun powder dry. We are in a market where there are very strong companies that distribute throughout the world and have an amazing production capacity. To keep the brand MISSOM® it is necessary that our work allows us, on one hand, to innovate in certain aspects, and on the other side maintaining a versatility that responds to each request to us, since they are requests that a large company can not give. ”

Precisely because MISSOM® started working together with musicians recognized in the area of classical music and jazz, the words responsibility and requirement are two essential criteria of the brand.

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