Pasveerkorps op Slagwerkdag – Rhythm Impact (Peter Vulperhorst)

Pasveer Corps Leeuwarden conducted by Peter Vulperhorst & percussionists Chris Bow, Roel Calister and Jeroen de Rijk act together during working stroke of Rhythm Impact in The Durpsherd Berlicum.

Peter Vulperhorst is a very good friend of MISSOM, that also sponsors his signature drumsticks, named “Endurance”, that will be very soon in the market. Peter Vulperhorst is also a renowned and experienced percussionist who performs, composes and teaches percussion. As a professional, Peter Vulperhorst has performed as a percussionist in many world famous musical productions such as The Lion King, Tarzan, Copacabana, Sweet Charity and The Wiz. He has worked with numerous top international musicians including Mr Phil Collins, Simon Philips, Chris Hinze, and the international percussion group “Circle Percussion” (Japanese drums). Peter was also a member of the internationally renowned New Amsterdam Percussion Group.

Peter Vulperhorst specialises in playing a large variety of percussion instruments. You can experience this for yourself here where Peter is performing in his duo “Flying Dutch Percussion.” The other member of this team is Mr Maarten Smit, principal timpanist of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Peter also has his own music school and his own production company, The Percussion Factory, for many musical projects. See more in or in

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