Nicolas Martynciow: a legend in percussion


Whether as a composer, performer, teacher or author of books about percussion, Nicolas Martynciow is one of the great performers of percussion in the world. Born in Saint-Etienne, Nicolas Martynciow studied music at the conservatory of his hometown in class Claude Giot and Philippe Boisson.

After studies at the Conservatoire Francis Brana Créteil, he entered the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris for drumming lessons and chamber music with Jacques Delecluse and Michel Cals. In 1990, he won the first prize in each of these disciplines.

Later joined the Orchestre de Paris (in 1995), having made ​an exceptional course until today.

As a chamber musician, he performed with musicians of international renown. He is also a member of the Ensemble Carpe Diem (directed by Jean -Pierre Arnaud) and gives numerous concerts in France and abroad. He also organizes every summer an academy involving students who wish to develop with it.

Holder of Certificate of teacher, Nicolas Martynciow teaches percussion at the Conservatoire Hector Berlioz in the tenth arrondissement of Paris . He is regularly invited to give master classes in France and Europe.

As a composer , Nicolas Martynciow is editor and publishs th work of Gerard Billaudot and wrote, among other things, pieces for a percussion quartet (Sweat Swaff) , a percussion trio (Zoo) , two duets for percussion called La Festa per Due (ed. Lemoine) and the Gigui guiguine (ed. Billaudot) parts for snare, Impressions (ed. Lemoine) and Tchik (ed. Billaudot).

He has published a method, in two volumes , entitled Tic Tac to start percussion (ed. Billaudot) and Why Not (ed. Billaudot) for multipercussion.

His plays have been performed worldwide in prestigious venues, like Opera Garnier, amphitheater the Opera Bastille, Opera Comique, and many of them were recorded.

Developed alongside with MISSOM and Resta-Jay, the Drumsticks Nicolas Martynciow reflects his vision and passion about music and percussion.

You can see the Drumsticks Nicolas Martynciow in our website.


Do you want to try the Drumsticks Edith Habraken?


One big artist that uses MISSOM products is Edith Habraken, the phenomenal performer of Basler drum and marimba.

Born in 1965 in Holland, she studied percussion at the Conservatorium Amsterdam and lives since 1988 with her family in Basel/Switzerland.

Edith Habraken plays both improvising and composed pieces, using every object as a percussion instrument. The audience has a special loyalty to Edith Habraken and always reacts when Edith enters in the improvisation mode with humour.

Her specialities and favourites are the Basler drum and the marimba. She’s considered a virtuous player, always surprising and refreshing.

She also leads her foundation SMEH (Percussion- and marimba school Edith Habraken), and carries out her solo programm in the theatres.

Recently, MISSOM® and Edith Habraken had developed a special drumstick with her own name.

You can see the model Edith Habraken in our website trough this LINK.

The Drumsticks Edith Habraken are designed to Basel-drum and every inch was calculated with Edith Habraken. With a Big head top (almost spherical, excellent rebound and ability to obtain the fundamental tone of the drum.

Dimensions: Length – 15,75 inch / Ø cable diameter – 0,79 inch / Ø head diameter – 0,76 inch.”

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