Do you want to try the Drumsticks Edith Habraken?


One big artist that uses MISSOM products is Edith Habraken, the phenomenal performer of Basler drum and marimba.

Born in 1965 in Holland, she studied percussion at the Conservatorium Amsterdam and lives since 1988 with her family in Basel/Switzerland.

Edith Habraken plays both improvising and composed pieces, using every object as a percussion instrument. The audience has a special loyalty to Edith Habraken and always reacts when Edith enters in the improvisation mode with humour.

Her specialities and favourites are the Basler drum and the marimba. She’s considered a virtuous player, always surprising and refreshing.

She also leads her foundation SMEH (Percussion- and marimba school Edith Habraken), and carries out her solo programm in the theatres.

Recently, MISSOM® and Edith Habraken had developed a special drumstick with her own name.

You can see the model Edith Habraken in our website trough this LINK.

The Drumsticks Edith Habraken are designed to Basel-drum and every inch was calculated with Edith Habraken. With a Big head top (almost spherical, excellent rebound and ability to obtain the fundamental tone of the drum.

Dimensions: Length – 15,75 inch / Ø cable diameter – 0,79 inch / Ø head diameter – 0,76 inch.”

More on Edith Habraken in or

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